Weekly Bonuses

Most of the top casinos reward some generous bonuses for their loyal players every week for simply playing their favorite games constantly. The best news here is that these weekly bonuses usually increase with time so as you keep playing at your selected casino, you will be rewarded even a larger bonus each week or month depending on the type of system that your casino offers. In addition to the sweet weekly bonuses there are also monthly bonuses rewarded to the most loyal players. This is a simple and nice way of your favorite casinos to say “thank you” for your loyalty and motivate you to come back constantly.

Weekly bonuses are usually awarded as a certain set percentage of the deposits you make, and they become available automatically on your account, so usually you do not even have do anything else than just playing your favorite games; sweet weekly opportunities will surprise you each week. Another thing to know about your weekly bonuses is that there are a few options designed for different players. For instance there are some bonuses which become available once you make a certain amount of deposit each week, while others become available for any player to wager and increase their win opportunities immediately. So whichever online or mobile casino you choose to play, make sure you check out this great weekly opportunities some of the top casinos have to offer and explore all of your options before you hit the play!